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Alok Mohindra

Hi. My name is Alok

I love technology because when it works it is a win for everyone - driving new efficiencies, providing new capabilities, enabling new possibilities. Technology and product innovations can deliver benefits that far outweigh their costs, delivering productivity and utility never before possible. Due to their scalability, great products have the potential to be completeley transformative in their impact on society.

I work in the field of product management which means that I help technology companies make products that deliver value and drive impact for users. In other words I try to make products better for users. To do this right requires balancing multiple priorities in both the short and long-term to hopefully make something great. It also means leading empowered teams of technologists and designers to build the future. This isn't always an easy job but I truly love what I do. Great products make things better.

My personal interests vary from cooking and hiking in nature to cryptocurrency and other technical things. I love BBQ.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out over email: alok dot mohindra at gmail dot com

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